Learning to fly fish at the age of 10, Werner has 40 years of fly fishing knowledge and experience that he loves to share with an unwavering dedication and passion. He has spent the past 10 years guiding in the local and surrounding region, building a solid reputation as a high quality fly fishing educator / teacher with an outstanding level of local knowledge and expertise. He has a laid back style and great sense of humour. Combine this with an abundance of patience, passion and personality. Werner has a gift when it comes to connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds that sets his clients at ease, allowing them to learn in a totally relaxing and enjoyable way.

Werner has also been highly commended for his work with Children and people with varying levels of disability also which he says has provided him with the most rewarding and satisfying experiences throughout his guiding career. In his own words, “I have learned more about myself and guiding by working with kids and people with disabilities as these experiences have allowed me to simplify the process of teaching fly fishing to even the most advanced and skilled clients I work with by making it easier and more enjoyable for them.”

Regardless of whether you are wishing to explore fly fishing for the first time, improve on more technical aspects of your game like stream-craft, line management and casting efficiency, entomology and fly selection, brush up on fly tying skills or just have someone with extensive local knowledge to maximise your time and put you onto a few fish, Werner will deliver an enjoyable and memorable experience tailored to your own individual needs.